Blitzen Trapper
Black River Killer EP
As the title says, Blitzen Trapper’s Black River Killer EP starts out with their haunting and stellar song of the same name from 2008’s Furr. “Black River Killer” is a wonder in both songwriting and execution that evokes the story-telling days of Bob Dylan. While the rest of the songs on the EP never top “Black River Killer,” the song serves as a jumping-off point for songs that experiment more with the folk-rock formula. “Going Down” and “Preacher’s Sister’s Boy” are full of layered instruments and synthesized notes that manage to work together to create a sound that is uniquely Blitzen Trapper and surprisingly charming. The EP is well-balanced thanks to “Shoulder Full of You,” a romantic acoustic tune, and “Black Rock,” a simple and beautiful song backed by rhythmic guitar picking. The EP ends with “Big Black Bird,” which has the folk-rock appeal that made Furr such a success. The only tragedy of this EP is that it’s not a full-length album from this talented Portland band.

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